2.5.0 Dev Update Notes

So amid the holiday hiatus, I started trying a few new things, then tried a few more, and then a few more, and that led to me completely overhauling the text editor, which of course led to some significant changes to the rendering engine.

All this is to say 2.5.0 will be a major release as quite a few things have changed under the hood, so I'm going to take a bit more time to get it polished and running smoothly.

Without getting into the weeds about it just yet, the most obvious change is finally getting syntax highlighting working in the editor. That one took some doing but it finally feels pretty steady. Like I mentioned before, I also re-wrote how pages are getting sorted and rendered so the process is much smoother and more consistent. It was a bit junky before, so it needed some improvement as well.

There's been a metric ton of bug fixes as well, but I'll wait to list those when the official release is ready to go and detail the new features that are on the way as well.

Ha, I wasn't planning on starting the new year with such a big update but now that it's here, I really can't wait for everyone to see it. I'm proud of this one. Very.

Ok, talk soon! Stay moisturized and say something nice to someone today, including yourself.


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