Fipamo Beta 2.4.1

Flick By Carlos Martinez

What's up, lovely people. This is going to be the final update for the year because I'm tired and I need to get some rest before I dive into the next piece, which is gonna be a big one. But let's talk about this one first.

Ok, this update focused on cleaning up some UIs that were getting a bit out of whack due to some feature updates, so went back to re-design them a bit so they fit and didn't look duct-taped on. There were also some lingering bugs, such as inline image uploading in the page editor that was a little wonky that needed some love too, so I cleaned that up while I was in there. As always, take a look at the release notes to see what all got done.

The next update is going to be solely focused on the text editor because the last time I messed with it is when I first built it, which was... a while ago. It's held down the fort admirably, but now it's just time to make it better as it's fallen behind the rest of the site. So, I'm gonna give it some love and that will be the first release of the new year.

Well, after I get some rest anyway because this year has been... well, you know, LOL! Let's just say I hope we're all getting some much-needed downtime as another year winds down.

Oh, and no I haven't forgotten about the announcement I was going to make about the direction of Fipamo. There are a few things I need to finish before that happens and to be quite honest, I just ran out of gas in November, so I'm gonna take my time and make sure I get it done right rather than rushing it out just to get it out. So stay tuned.

That's pretty much it from my end. It's been quite a year for Fipamo as it has improved by leaps and bounds and I feel that will continue in 2022 (!!). Big thanks to all of you who contribute to the project because it would not be possible without you all. This thing keeps rumbling along thanks to you. And I'm never going to forget that.

Ok, get outta here and hug your loved ones and get some good irresponsible sleep because you deserve it. I'll see you all back here next year.



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