Fipamo Beta 2.4.0

Flick by Ella Jardim

What's up, beautiful people. It's time for another delicious round of updates for Fipamo. Pull up a chair.

So what originally was going to be a pretty quick update for a couple of new featured turned into a significant release with a few bugs squashed thanks to the care of THE Great Joe. Big props, my man.

The first of the new features are custom page layouts, giving people the ability to use their page templates for their posts. I included a simple custom page in the default theme to showcase how it works. Just pick a layout to be used, save, and the system will use your template when rendering. Sweet.

The second new feature is page previews when editing a post. A preview button was added to the OPTIONS button menu (the eyeball on the far right). Click that, and a new page will open, previewing the last content saved using your current theme, which is defined in your Settings. Change the look of your lovely site, and the preview will update accordingly. No more having to publish to see what your page looks like. Ha, I know. Me too.

The remainder of the update focuses on bug fixes. I'm not going to get into everyone here because this post will be three days long, but you can check the release notes to get the details.

The next round of updates will focus on cleaning up the UI for Settings and Page Editing as some new features have been added, and the design needs some accommodate all the recent changes. And while I'm in there, I'm going to update the Notifications display because that could also use some love.

That's about it for 2.4.0. And always keep checking the repo to see what is coming next and follow the design changes on my Figma.


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