Another Lap

Flick by Anika Huizinga

It's the end of the year, which means everyone is getting out their reflection, musings, and ruminations of what happened in our shared lap around the big plasma ball.

Of course, it's been another challenging year following the outbreak of the Pantalones (ha, you get it) that doesn't seem like it's going to relent anytime soon. And let's not even get into how poor the 'leadership' in America has been. Cause... yikes.

But in light of all of the issues faced in this past year, it has surprisingly been a year of marked growth for Fipamo. After taking a break at the end of 2020, the codebase was re-written into PHP, a host of bugs and other shenanigans have been slain and Fipamo Beta had a cool 11 official releases. The development of Fipamo has remained remarkably consistent despite it all.

Lastly, I cannot say enough about the core group of supporters that have given to the Fipamo project over the year. Funding has always been a point of concern, but the work that has been accomplished this year would not have happened without the belief and support of so many people. In many ways, the lifeblood of Fipamo is the community around it. Fipamo is not a solitary project done by one person. The progress that has been made is a result of a lot of people contributing, sharing, and giving to it. I'm very much looking forward to growing the community so Fipamo is a true example of what can be accomplished if we pitch in and work together. It's a kind of magic that will always inspire me to keep going.

All in all, I'm pretty grateful that I've had the ability and space to continue work on Fipamo, even in light of the ups and downs of 2021. It's become a bit of a dream/goal to be able to work on it full-time in the next year and grow it from a side-project to a full-fledged platform for people who want to own their experience on the web. Ha, oh yeah. I've got PLANS, man. Big ones.

But we'll talk about that soon.


P.S. Fipamo has several ways to support ongoing development. Every bit helps to push the project forward. Patreon, Paypal, and CashApp


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