Fipamo Beta 2.3.0

Flick by masahiro miyagi.

It's that time again, lovers and haters—another fresh round of updates for Fipamo. mildly impressed polo clap.

This update centers around dynamic page rendering. Instead of exporting static HTML pages (which will always be an option), page rendering will happen automatically, so edited pages do not need to be re-rendered. All one needs to do is edit a page, save it, and you're good to go. Groovy, right?

For those that will stick with static page rendering, I gave you all some love too. Instead of going to settings to publish your content after an edit,  saving your changes will automatically render them as well. If you still want to generate pages manually, turn that feature off. Easy peasy.

Check out the release notes to get the specifics of these new features, and cough  a minor bug fix. LOL, MINOR!

And always remember the design of Fipamo is constantly evolving, especially with the addition of new features. To stay on the bleeding edge of what direction that is going in, go here. Before coding any new features, I plan them out first, so you can get a feel for what's coming by checking the design link and Fipamo issues.

Ok, that's it for this round. I have to make some notes, and then I'll update the repo with the next group of features and fixes.

Stay hydrated and moisturized, beloveds.

Talk soon, r.


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