The Double Update

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Ok, so it's not really two updates. I just forgot to post the update about that, the last one here. Ha, my bad.

The first update was 2.1.1, which was released a few weeks ago. This update focused on dashboard UI upgrades, cleaning up some lingering interface issues I've had noted for a while but never got around to. It's included when you grab the latest update.

Ok, the second and current update is all about the API and making Fipamo a headless CMS. That means you can use the dashboard that comes with Fipampo to manage your site, or you can use the API to build your own experience and just use Fipamo to keep track of your content. Nice.

I'm not going to list everything the API currently does because that would make a post that's 8 years long, so instead, I made a documentation site that covers all the details and methods that can be used to get and manage your content.

There is more coming as I figure out what else the API needs, so stay tuned here and the API site because all the changes will be detailed over there as well.



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