Fipamo Beta 2.1.0

The first significant update for the new Fipamo Beta 2 is finally ready.

This update focuses on adding mail support for system messages and the big one, password recovery. Here are a few notes about what to expect with set up and usage.

If you don't have an email set up when you lose your password, you can verify the email you used with your Fipamo set up, and it will fill in the form with your secret key for you you're not locked out of your site. However, it is recommended to set up your email, so the key is sent via mail. This is the more secure option.

Fipamo currently supports basic SMTP protocols, so you can just provide your SMTP domain (usually mail.yourdomain.something), and you're good to go if your email provider allows SMTP access. Setting up your Gmail account is a bit more complicated to set up, but you can use that as well. Unfortunately, services like Proton Mail and Tutanota are encrypted, so they don't allow SMTP access.

If you don't want to use Gmail, Fipamo also supports Mailgun, which is dead simple to set up, and while it's not free, it's damn near close as long as your not sending out thousands of emails a month. So this is an excellent alternative if you want your own mail but don't want to use Gmail or the like.

You can always use git to pull in the new updates or grab the zip from the repo. Remember to run composer install to get the new dependencies for the new mail stuff.


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