Welcome to Fipamo

Photo By Karine Germain

So, what's the story with Fipamo?

About a year and some change ago, I wanted to start blogging again but I didn't really want to use anyone else's software because I wanted to use something that I could easily customize and change without having to wait for a the various companies to address those needs.

Ha, as these thing go, it turned out to be a much bigger project than I imagined but I decided to stick with it and see if I can actually build an end to end solution instead of duct taping stuff together to suit my immediate needs.

This is how Fipamo was started. It's a side project that blossomed into a real project that I spend quite a bit of time working on. Yeah, it's still buggy in places and needs a bit of polish in quite a few places but it works and I am very happy it has finally gotten to place where I can open it up to the public to help me push it even further.

And the name? Fipamo is the Yoruba word for save.

Ha, I know. Me too.

Oh and if you want to support the ongoing development of Fipamo and see how it fits into the larger project I'm working on, check out my Patreon. I got plans, yo.

I'm really glad your here. Take it light.


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